Design Beku was founded in 2018 to explore the possibilities of manifesting alternative imaginaries for design and technology, grounded in a feminist ethics of care.

We strive to dismantle expectations created by market-driven notions of design by following design justice principles, that advocate designing with communities, and not for. We believe in creating locally rooted and contextually informed infrastructures of care, co-designed with communities and organizations to respond to challenges best understood by the communities themselves.

<aside> ❤️ “Design Beku was founded in response to mainstream design impulse to “solve” problems for communities, especially through technological interventions that were often irrelevant and unsuited to their context. At the core our approach is the feminist ethical frame of care —a situated, continuous and collaborative tinkering of matters of concerns, drawing upon empathy as well as solidarity with the communities we work with. We see codesign as a care-in-practice, an onto-epistemology that orients us to align with marginalized populations and their concerns to collaboratively evolve systemic solutions, enabled by but not led by technology . This codesign is only possible by establishing and sustaining meaningful relationships with the communities we work with.”


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Padmini Ray Murray

Naveen Bagalkot

Shreyas Srivatsa

Ruchita M Pania

Senjuti Sangia

Varun Kurtkoti

Siddhant Shinde

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Micah Alex

Paul Anthony G


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We are based in Bengaluru, India.

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