Covid-19 response

We are creating responses to the current pandemic crisis in the form of public service announcements and myth-busters, in a variety of languages. All content created is under Creative Commons and free to use and share.

Home safety videos

Videos in simple language with illustrations and voiceovers available in Kannada, Hindi, Telegu, Bengali, Malayalam and Marathi.

Mythbusting GIFS

Mythbusting GIFS are currently available in Hindi & Kannada.

Pregnancy & Covid-19

Vital information for pregnant women in
Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Telegu.

Important information for breastfeeding women available in Hindi.

Menstrual Health

Information about periods during the pandemic in Bengali and Marathi.

Animated instructions on how to make your own pads at home, in Kannada, Hindi, and English.

Information for healthcare establishments

We’ve been creating content for hospitals and healthcare workers on a range of material – please do feel free to download and use.

Ajji’s Simple Guide to Coronavirus

These changing times call for big adjustments in everyone’s lifestyles, including that of children. This fun narrative, brought to you by the wise and wonderful Ajji, (with a little help from Saili Gupte & Jahnavi Koganti!) can help children quickly navigate the precautions they can take during this crisis, while adjusting to this new normal and finding new hobbies. The authors believe that children can be change makers with the ability to understand situations if explained clearly, and can participate by taking responsibility for themselves and their loved ones.

You can read Ajji’s Simple Guide to Coronavirus here and download it here. While the book is free to download or distribute, we’d love it if you could give us a donation to support the work of Gubbachi Learning Community, an organisation that works towards the educational inclusion of migrant children in Bengaluru. Please email us for details.


All of this content has been created by a group of dedicated volunteers who have been working around the clock to get these out in a range of languages and formats. If you can support us with translation, content, or design skills, we would be very grateful. You can sign up to help here or join our Slack here.