MAYA Health is a not-for-profit based in Bangalore that trains and equips collectives of women community health entrepreneurs (Health Navigators). Since 2016 we have been working with MAYA and the communities of the Health Navigators to explore participatory approaches across their current and future work. In this life-long, evolving engagement with the collectives of health navigators and MAYA, we explore a collaborative design of tools and support systems enabling them to structure and offer care within rural and semi-urban neighbourhoods. We are also working to shape and build a socio-technical infrastructure enabling the collectives to imagine and design their practices of care with digital technology.

The focus is to utilise collaborative design as a way of inquiry to uncover and make visible aspects of commons based care work to shape the design of sociotechnical systems (infrastructures) of care, which are just and equitable. 

We have worked with MAYA on participatory envisioning of 

a) roles digital technology could play in the care work, 

b) future vision and roadmaps of care work

c) facilitating strategy workshops across other stakeholders as well as working on proposals for funding future ideas. 

In a true form of an evolving symbiotic relationship, MAYA health has been our core collaborators in research projects, particularly in the case of understanding pregnancy care and its infrastructures at the community levels, where the Health Navigators have actively shaped both the research questions and the outcomes, and if and how they will use it in their own work.