Shreyas Srivatsa

Shreyas Srivatsa is a researcher and practitioner with an enduring interest in the transdisciplinary approach. Qualified as an architect and an advanced training in the areas related to Human Settlements, he has an affinity towards the idea of ‘situated’ research and practice to explore generative responses to the wicked problems in a complex human-nature setting through ‘creative’ responses. This has translated into co-creation of a platform for collaborations known as ‘Deccan Living Labs’ in the Dakkhani Region. DLL has facilitated more than 120 projects, programs and initiatives. Being associated with UNESCO Chair at Srishti, he frequently engages with diverse set of (creative) practitioners from Dakkhani region to generate new modes of thinking and making through collaboration with students and faculty at Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology. As a faculty at Srishti he contributes to curriculum development of Post-graduate programs and developed place-based methods to learn from complex settings.