This was a two day workshop held in Iruway for volunteers who work with Sangama, a sexual minorities, sex workers and people living HIV human rights organization for individuals oppressed due to their sexual preference. The workshop was held to encourage a conversation between volunteers, who come from these communities, about the implications of the striking down of Section 377, and to explore different ways by which to talk about the consequences of the judgement in their communities, who are located all over Karnataka.

The workshop kicked off with a discussion in Kannada led by renowned poet Mamta Sagar, who worked with a translation of the judgement to demystify and illuminate its implications for an audience who do not speak English as a first language. This discussion then led into a variety of activities that were held over the two days — where participants used drama, dance, song, poetry and art to convey their responses to the judgement — as well as to find ways in which to continue this conversation in their own local contexts, mostly small towns of Karnataka.